Kshatriya Fish Farm

Welcome to Kshatriya Fish Farm in Maharupur Pratapgarh!

Kshatriya Fish Farm takes pride in being a premier destination for high-quality fish and aquaculture services in the vibrant region of Maharupur Pratapgarh. Situated amidst the serene landscapes of this beautiful area, our farm is committed to delivering exceptional fish products while upholding sustainable and responsible farming practices.

Our core objective is to meet the increasing demand for nutritious and delectable fish, all while minimizing our environmental footprint. We firmly believe in cultivating fish in a manner that prioritizes their well-being and ensures the harmony of the surrounding ecosystem. 



Who Are We?​

A Team of Reliable Fish Farm Professionals 

Founder : Shri Fateh Bahadur Singh

Contact Details : Er. Ratnesh Singh – 70541 39808

                               Er. Ajay Singh   – 94500 10803

                               Mail ID – kshatriyafishfarm@gmail.com



In aquaculture, fish stocking serves to increase fish production and harvest yields, contributing to the fish farming industry.

Responsible fish stocking practices play a vital role in sustainable fisheries management and the conservation of aquatic habitats for future generations.

Fish stocked in new ponds may undergo acclimation periods to adapt to the new environment, minimizing stress and increasing survival rates.

Diverse birds and animals thrive in the fish pond, feasting on food and reveling in the natural surroundings.


Have an Emergency?

Fish emergency! Immediate action required to address potential threats to their health and well-being. 


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